trail1 [ treıl ] noun count **
▸ 1 path in countryside
▸ 2 series of marks/objects
▸ 3 damage/harm
▸ 4 connected evidence
▸ 5 series of activities
1. ) a path through the countryside, especially one designed for walking for pleasure:
The trail led down to the lake.
follow a trail: We were following the winding trail into the mountains.
2. ) a series of marks or objects left by someone or something that shows they have been there:
trail of: a trail of blood
leave a trail: He left a trail of muddy footprints.
follow a trail: We followed the trail of ribbon he had tied to the trees.
a ) a smell or series of marks left by an animal:
follow a trail: Dogs can follow a bear's trail for several miles.
3. ) trail of damage or harm caused by something bad:
Hurricane Andrew left a trail of destruction along the coast.
a ) a series of bad or harmful events:
a trail of murders/robberies
4. ) many pieces of connected evidence that prove someone did something wrong or illegal:
The trail of missing funds led investigators directly to Wang.
on the trail of someone: Detectives are on the trail of a serial killer.
5. ) MAINLY JOURNALISM a series of activities that you do in order to achieve something:
the campaign/election trail: The usual pack of reporters were following Bush on the campaign trail.
hit the trail (=begin to try to achieve something): With their latest victory, the Yankees have clearly hit the pennant trail.
blaze a trail
1. ) to go to a place where no one has gone before
2. ) to discover something new
(hot) on the trail of
very close to finding someone or discovering something
trail 2 [ treıl ] verb **
▸ 1 be losing in competition
▸ 2 pull something behind you
▸ 3 move slowly
▸ 4 follow someone
▸ 5 leave marks etc.
▸ 6 when something hangs down
1. ) intransitive or transitive MAINLY JOURNALISM to be losing in a competition or election:
A recent poll shows the Democrats trailing the Republicans.
trail by: At the end of the round, Garcia trailed by two strokes.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to pull something behind you, or be pulled behind someone or something:
Trailing his coat in the dirt, he turned toward home.
3. ) intransitive trail after/behind/around to move slowly and in a tired or unhappy way, often so that you are a short distance behind other people:
My husband usually trails glumly behind me when I shop.
4. ) transitive to follow someone secretly in order to learn something about them:
Detectives trailed Evans for weeks.
5. ) transitive to leave marks on a surface or a substance in the air as you go through a place:
The dogs came in, trailing mud everywhere.
a jeep trailing clouds of dust
a ) intransitive trail across/over/along if a line of marks or long thin objects trail across a place, they are left there by someone or something:
Old cables and wires trailed across the garden.
6. ) intransitive or transitive if something trails somewhere, it hangs down from something:
geraniums trailing from terra-cotta pots
,trail a`way or ,trail `off phrasal verb intransitive
if someone's voice or words trail away or trail off, they gradually become silent:
Her voice trailed off as she realized he wasn't listening.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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